eBackup Easy Setup, Off-site and Secure!

Damar Software has teamed up with Gillware Online Backup in order to offer you a business grade backup solution designed to protect your critical data from permanent loss.

93% of companies that suffer from a disaster and lose their data for 10 days or more, file for bankruptcy within one year of the disaster.  50% of those companies file immediately. 

With online backup you don’t have to worry about the common reasons other backup strategies fail, like forgetfulness, storage device failures or local disasters.   Moreover, this software allows you to restore your data anytime, day or night.  Your data is never more than a few mouse clicks away!

Backup all of your OmegaPrax Dental data for $4.50/month or $54.00/year.   If you feel like backing up any other data, just ask and we can accommodate that too!

Get started today by clicking the link below—Once you’ve installed the software a Gillware support technician will be in contact with you momentarily to assist with any questions you may have and help you setup your OmegaPrax backup.   If you would like to contact Gillware before installing the software, please reach out to Ryan Pflanz at ryan@gillware.com or 877-624-7206 x8890.

Features List:

  • Automated daily online backup of your OmegaPrax data
  • U.S. based customer support
  • One-on-one FREE setup consultation
  • Secure U.S. based SAS70 Type II compliant data center
  • Auditing and reporting to monitor your backups
  • Easy data restore whenever you need it


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