eTransactions Credit Card Processing Made Easy!

Damar Software has teamed up with TSYS for all of our electronic payment processing needs. Seemless integration with Transfirst allows OmegaPrax Dental to process all of your patients payments electronically and securely over the web.

Here are a few advantages of using our Electronic Payments Solution:

  • Allows OmegaPrax Dental to bring automation and efficiency to your patient payment process.
  • Reduce time spent processing payments, and updating and balancing two systems.
  • Manage multiple patient payment options including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and ACH (electronic checks) through a single payment processing solution
  • Accept electronic payments from checking or savings accounts and turn paper checks into electronic transactions.
  • Recurring payment profiles allow storing of payment information for repeat customers or to schedule automatic payments.
  • Removes need for bulky, outdated stand alone terminals and analog phone lines.
  • Simple card reader captures data with no counter space clutter.
  • System updated to current requirements by Damar Software; you do not have to update terminals and worry about PCI requirements.
  • Integrated financial reporting aligns with deposits into bank to simplify payment reconciliation.
  • All transactions posted gross; fees are not deducted until after month end for daily reconciliation ease.
  • No contract terms; simple electronic enrollment and implementation process.
  • Competitive pricing based on thousands of users’ volume rather than one practice provider-experience the savings of group pricing!