OmegaBill Dental Version 12

OmegaBill Dental is the industries best system for processing dental insurance claims and, if you choose, providing billing services for dental practices.

OmegaBill Dental can receive claims electronically from dental offices in 3 different formats. Currently we can receive claims from practices using OmegaPrax Dental, Open Dental and Ortho Plus. This greatly reduces the time you have to spend on data entry and increases the time you have to review those claims you have received and analyze any issues the claims might have.

Reviewing claims, checking for errors, making notes and sending instructions back to the dental practice are easy tasks. OmegaBill Dental has many built in error checks that prevent the little things that prevent claims from getting paid. You can also benefit from insurance and employer information you add to the system. You can maintain master information for insurance companies and if the data received from the dentist is incorrect, it is very easy to update.

You and your staff will quickly realize that running your business is no longer a pain but a pleasure. Everyone will be able to focus on what is important. Getting claims paid.

   Just wanted to let you know I would highly recommend OmegaBill Dental to any biller & OmegaPrax Dental to any progressive dental office. History speaks for itself....over the last 22 years I have been associated with Damar Software and the products have continued to improve & add features all of which streamline operations for my company saving time and money. Any time a problem arose or the necessity for new functionality, Damar always came through in a timely fashion which is greatly appreciated by a small business owner...never did I have to create a support ticket and wait my turn.
Warm Regards, Mike - Expresslane Medical Solutions