OmegaLink Automated Reminders

OmegaLink is a very powerful and easy to use patient communications system that aids in keeping your schedule full as well as helping your office to run more efficiently. Patients are automatically reminded of up coming appointments as well as when they are due for their cleaning or periodontal maintenance procedures. This will free up your office staff to spend more time with your patients and lot less time on the phone. Your office staff will experience a much happier work environment and that will cascade down into a much better experience for your patients. Your practice should see a very noticeable reduction in patient no-shows over the first six months.

Sending automated recall reminders will also save your staff a lot of time and money as printing and handling of recall cards will be greatly dimenished.

OmegaLink Feature List:

  •  Appointment Reminders - Text
  •  Appointment Reminders - Voice
  •  Appointment Reminders - Email
  •  Recall Reminders - Text
  •  Recall Reminders - Voice
  •  Recall Reminders - Email
  •  Multiple Locations
  •  Automated and Manual Updates
  •  Configurable Delivery Dates
  •  Configurable Delivery Times
  •  Phone Number Verification
  •  Coming Soon - Treatment Reminders

OmegaLink Automated Reports:

  •  Missed Transmissions
  •  Unconfirmed Appointments
  •  Recall Transmissions Log

OmegaLink currently offers two Dental Practice Management Interfaces:

  • OmegaPrax Dental
  • The Complete Exam
  • Open Dental (in process)

It is designed so that it can run on a PC running Windows 7, 8 or 10 Professional in your office or in the Cloud via our OmegaCloud offering where your office access to OmegaPrax Dental is through Virtual Desktops.

You also have complete control as to when and how often its main process cycle will run. For messages going to phone numbers, OmegaLink can run verification to make sure that the number is valid before attempting a transmission. You can also set the number of days between refreshes.

Just like our other products such as OmegaPrax Dental and OmegaBill Dental, your updates can be setup to run automatically at night or manually during the day. Most of our clients choose the automated route so they never have to worry about whether or not they have the latest version.

When messages go unconfirmed, you can tell OmegaLink whether or not to send an email with unconfirmed appointments and who to send it to.

OmegaLink also logs all of it's activity with regards to outgoing and incoming messages. It will also log its daily process runs and you can choose how long to keep those. This lets you know each time the main process cycle runs and the results of that run.