Patient Management Tracking from A-Z

OmegaPrax Dental allows the user to track and maintain many different types of information about each Patient such as Demographic (Address, Age, Sex, SSN, etc.), Contact, Insurance, Medical History, Treatment History as well as Financial Responsibilities.

It also gives you the ability to group patients into Household Accounts and gives smooth transistions between Household members. Related Account, Ledger, Insurance, Appointments, Images and Charts are but one click away.

OmegaPrax Dental stores lots of different types of patient information. It also makes it easy to lookup a patient by that information. In our Patient Screen, there is a Listing Tab that allows you to easily lookup a patient by their Name, Number, City, Zip and Account Number. Once you find your patient, just press ENTER, Double-Click the name or just click on the tab with the specific information you need to see or edit.

OmegaPrax Dental will allow you to setup a Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Subscriber for each Patient as well as identify the relationship that subscriber has to the patient. You can setup insurance information for each Subscriber and choose which insurance the patient is covered under. These types of associations are very easy to setup and change.

OmegaPrax Dental allows you to track many different medical conditions that will help in making the right choices with regards to any medications that are needed in order to treat your patients. If you add our Electronic Prescriptions service, you will also be able to track Alergies, Reactions and drugs the patient may currently be using. You will also be able to Prescribe medications.

OmegaPrax allows for being able to capture notes about your patient. We have a feature that allows you to store pre-defined text and you can add these text snippets to the notes section. This same feature applys to all notes wherever they might be in the system. Household Accounts, Patients, Employers, Insurance Companies, Schools, Appointments and Treatment Plans all have the ability to store notes. Also from this tab, you will be able to request or view Patient Insurance Eligibility, view treatment history as well as appointment history.

Our Office Manager allows for better office communications and simpler patient processing. You will know when your patients have arrived, when they are in the chair and when they are ready to be checked out. The practice schedule, patient information, insurance and billing functions are well organized and right at at your fingertips. The checkout function allows you to easily bill for services, accept payments, make adjustments, file any insurance and print walkout statements.

For a free demonstration of OmegaPrax Dental, please contact us a 1-800-732-0949 or click the button and send your request electronically.

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