Scheduling Fast and Flexible!

The OmegaPrax Dental Appointment Scheduler is very flexible and allows the user to perform many functions simply by right-clicking on an appointment or an open appointment slot. By allowing you to view multiple operatories, you can easily identify gaps in your scheduling. To fill these gaps, we have several tools that will allow you to quickly find patients that are willing to re-schedule, as well as being able to identify patients that have been waiting on pre-authorization from their insurance company.

The OmegaPrax Scheduler Main Screen lets you see all of your appointments for a given day. It not only shows you the appointments scheduled but also the production you can expect from said appointments. You will see total production as well as production by Provider. You also have the ability to see any reminders that have been entered for that day.

From within the OmegaPrax Appointment, you are able to view many different things about the Patient such as Demographic, contact, subscriber, insurance, account balances, patient notes, household account notes, insurance eligibility and treatment history. You can also view all of the procedures that need to be performed if you choose to input those. You can also add notes specific to that appointment.

The OmegaPrax Schedule allows for quite a bit of flexibility. You can define your weekly and daily schedules, block times for specific services in specific operatories or providers. Color coding will also allow you to assign different colors for different types of appointments.

For a free demonstration of OmegaPrax Dental, please contact us a 1-800-732-0949 or click the button and send your request electronically.

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