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OmegaBill Dental’s electronic services provide fast and efficient ways to process insurance claims, check patient benefits and submit attachments.

Using our services your staff with find they have more time to focus on accuracy rather than stressing over the time you're spending making phone calls, printing claims, and processing paperwork.

With OmegaBill Dental it is easy to submit Insurance Claims electronically. We've built a special interface to link you directly to our Claims Aggregation System called Claims Midwest. Claims Midwest was created as a means to link Dental Providers to insurance companies that accept claims electronically. Currently, we can route claims to over 1,000 major insurance companies. We continue to add to that number daily. Claims Midwest is also equipped to process all of your paper claims as well.

There are many advantages to submitting your claims electronically:

  • No end of day hassles printing paper claims
  • Automatic Error Checking
  • Quicker submission and processing of claims
  • Increase in cash flow due to faster payment of claims
  • Same day Confirmation and Validation Reports
  • Claim Status Updates from Participating Payers delivered via email
  • OmegaPrax Dental Claim Status Updates through Claims Midwest Interface

Although claims processing is not free, it is very affordable. We charge $ 0.45 for each PAR (Commercial Payer) and $ 0.55 for each Non-PAR (Medicaid, Paper and Some Commercial Payers) claim that is sent electronically. These fees are billed to your practice at the first of each month for the prior months activity.

If you have any questions concerning claims status, or what to do when claims are rejected, we are just a phone call away. We also provide you with daily updates and a tool that allows you to check claim status on-line.

We charge $ 0.45 for each PAR (Commercial Payer) and $ 0.55 for each Non-PAR (Medicaid, Paper and Some Commercial Payers) claim that is sent electronically.

Everything is handled electronically through the internet.

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With OmegaBill Dental Real-Time Eligibility Benefit service, you can:

eEligibility Real-Time Benefits Service

  • Identify your patients’ benefits immediately –no phone call necessary
  • Know that you’re getting the most up-to-date and patient-specific benefit information
  • Report is automatically saved and you can Print it if needed
  • No waiting or lost productivity
  • No Setup Fee
  • Unlimited Usage
  • Only $ 30.00 per month per OmegaBill Office Location

Everything is handled electronically through the internet.

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The National Electronic Attachments (NEA) FastAttach system expedites the transmission and review of important documentation such as x-rays, EOBs, perio-charting, etc. in support of electronic claims processing.

For a low flat monthly fee you will get unlimited attachment transmissions to over 500 payors (no per attachment fee).

Both OmegaPrax and OmegaBill contain built-in interfaces that allow for the easy transfer of images from your system to NEA.

FastAttach is more than just an electronic attachment transmission service.  It is a way to manage your attachments. Instead of wasting time sending unnecessary attachments, you can use a unique feature of FastAttach called FastLook.  This feature will provide you with the attachment requirements for procedure codes.  The attachments transmitted using FastAttach will automatically create a tracking number, which provides confirmation of receipt and a tracking mechanism for those attachments.  All transmitted attachments can be viewed online in the patient attachment history via any computer with Internet access.  You can even securely share attachments with other dental offices and be within HIPAA regulations.  NEA provides unlimited customer service and training for those capabilities and more at no additional charge.

To learn more about National Electronic Attachment’s (NEA) Dental Services, go to www.nea-fast.com.  From there, you can browse the NEA website for additional information, view videos by clicking “Learn More”, and register online by clicking the “Provider Registration” button.  If you prefer to talk to a NEA Representative, call 800-782-5150 opt 2.

FastAttach is the simple way to:

  • Eliminate Lost or Damaged Attachments
  • Improve Your Payment Cycle
  • Save on Postage and Printing Costs
  • Reduce Your Follow Up With Payors
  • Stop Sending Unnecessary Attachments With Claims