OmegaCloud For Small to Medium Size Businesses

Many Advantages

If you are a small to medium business, there are many reasons moving your company to the Cloud and a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI):

1. Fresher Software

With Software as a Service (SaaS), applications are made available to all users as soon as they’re released. Workers will be able to become more productive as they will have the new features sooner and won't have to wait for the applications to be pushed out to their local computer or have an IT person come and do the upgrade for them. These upgrades are typically released frequently and are much more efficient.

2. Less Infrastructure

When a business moves it's infrastructure to the Cloud they can reduce the size of their own data center or get rid of their data center footprint altogether. Fewer servers, staff and software costs will reduce IT costs without impacting your IT capabilities.

3. Costs that Reflect Your Need

With Cloud Computing, you really only need to pay for the hardware and software you need to run your business. As your business grows you can easily upgrade the hardware and software through automated provisioning without the need for human intervention.

4. Extremely Available

Most Cloud Computing Companies are extremely reliable in providing their services and many maintain a 99.99% uptime. As long as your workers have internet access they can get to their applications and data anytime from anywhere in the world.

5. Better Mobility

Cloud Computing allows better access to your data and in more ways due to Smart Phones and Tablet computers. This allow workers access to your data and applications while moving throughout your facility or from home and allows your sales staff access while visiting your existing or prospective clients/customers.

6. Centralized Data

Having your data and applications hosted in the Cloud also allows for better worker collaboration regardless of where they are located as they will still be able to reference the same documents and data that is available to those that are in the office. This normally makes your workers more productive and allows for better customer service.

7. More Cost Effective

Moving to the Cloud will save your company a lot of money it would normally spend on IT infrastructure to build out and maintain a data center. New hardware, facilities, utilities and other aspects of a data center are no longer a factor in your IT costs. Traditional computing can cost a company a thousands of dollars before it gets any value from the money it spends on a data center.