Managing Claims Fast and Efficient!

OmegaBill Dental can receive claims electronically from dental offices in 3 different formats. Currently we can receive claims from practices using OmegaPrax Dental, Open Dental and Ortho Plus. This greatly reduces the time you have to spend on data entry and increases the time you have to review those claims you have received and analyze any issues the claims might have.

Reviewing claims, checking for errors, making notes and sending instructions back to the dental practice are easy tasks. OmegaBill Dental has many built in error checks that prevent the little things that prevent claims from getting paid. You can also benefit from insurance and employer information you add to the system. You can maintain master information for insurance companies and if the data received from the dentist is incorrect, it is very easy to update.

After you have electronically received your dental claims, the next thing you need to be able to do is to review the claims that came in for any errors. One great feature of OmegaBill is that it has many built in error checks. This will prevent most of the common errors you might see from being passed on to the clearing house you are using. This is where our Batch Manager comes into play. From here you can view all received claim batches and the current state of each claim. You can also review/edit each claim as well as print or send the claims electronically. With one click of a button, you can also review any claims that previously came through for the same patient.

Claim Review and Edit will most likely take up most of your time. While doing we give you a lot of extra little features that make your job a lot easier. There are lookups for Employer and Insurance Company and and the ability to add custom text for instructions that might need to go back to the provider. With our Real-Time Eligibility service, you can easily view the patient and subscriber coverage information. There are also multiple types of notes that can be stored for each claim. We also store all notes and messages returned by Claims Midwest and participating insurance payers.

OmegaBill Dental supports several paper claim formats. The most recent is th ADA 2012. Whenever new forms are published from the ADA, you can rest assured that we will soon add it. We even support the Medical HCFA 1500 form as well for submitting Medical Claims. That comes in real handy for your clients that are Oral Surgeons.

With OmegaBill Dental it is easy to submit Insurance Claims electronically. We've built a special interface to link you directly to our Claims Aggregation System called Claims Midwest. Claims Midwest was created as a means to link Dental Providers to insurance companies that accept claims electronically. Currently, we can route claims to over 1,000 major insurance companies. We continue to add to that number daily. Claims Midwest is also equipped to process all of your paper claims as well.

There are many advantages to submitting your claims electronically:

  • No end of day hassles printing paper claims
  • No worry about improperly filing paper claims.
        (Automatic Error Checking is performed on all claims before they are forwarded.)
  • Quicker submission and processing of claims
  • Increase in cash flow due to faster payment of claims
        (Some claims we have transferred have been paid in as little as 5 days.)
  • Same day Confirmation and Validation Reports
  • Claim Status Updates from Participating Payers delivered via email
  • OmegaBill Dental Claim Status Updates through Claims Midwest Interface

Although claims processing is not free, it is very affordable. We charge $ 0.40 for each electronic and $ 0.45 for each electronic paper claim. These fees are billed to your practice at the first of each month for the prior months activity.

If you have any questions concerning claims status, or what to do when claims are rejected, we are just a phone call away. We also provide you with daily updates and a tool that allows you to check claim status on-line.

We charge $ 0.40 for each electronic and $ 0.45 for each electronic paper claim.

Reporting within OmegaBill is a vital part of how you will keep your clients informed about the status of their claims.

We produce several types of Reports that will be sent to your Clients:

  • File Receipts
  • Validation Reports
  • Claim Status

We also include the following Batch Reports that will help you keep track of the claims you've processed:

  • Batch Claims By Provider
  • Batch Claims By Claim Number
  • Production Processing
  • Production Billing